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15 December 2011

Going for a record

Since it was Valentine's Day when I last posted here, I wonder if I could go for a new non-posting record. Like maybe a year or something.

What? Oh, shit. OK, then ... starting NOW!

  • On 6/29/2012 1:33 AM, Blogger Janet said…

    I'll bet you and I could become fast friends!

  • On 7/07/2012 2:13 PM, Anonymous Faye said…

    You did it! Congratulations :)

  • On 7/09/2012 11:53 PM, Anonymous A.T.H. Webber said…

    Well... since you've thrown out the challenge, are you going to place rules on the actions within the statement.

    Like when you say 'Post' does that mean you won't be answering comments?

    Mind you, the way time is batting along a year might be up tomorrow - or at least it might feel like it.


  • On 5/16/2013 6:07 PM, Anonymous Amy (Kid-FreeLiving) said…

    I appreciate how you stick with things...


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