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18 May 2006

Forever Pregnant?

On Tuesday, the Washington Post ran an article entitled Forever Pregnant that told of new federal guidelines issued by the CDC seeking to improve women's health. However laudable the intent of these guidelines, though, the choice of phrasing used and the target audience really rankled me. What phrasing? How about "pre-pregnancy" (Washington Post) and "preconception" (CDC report)? Those phrases just smack too much of the term "preborn" to refer to a fetus. (As George Carlin said, by applying that same logic, as soon as we are no longer preborn we become predead.) And what is the target audience? "All females capable of conceiving a child", according to the Washington Post; "reproductive-aged women", according to the report. Doesn't the health of young premenstrual girls deserve some consideration? What about infertile or post-menopausal or, yes, even trans women? They don't rate? I'm sorry, but this whole thing comes off as yet another overbearing paternalistic attempt to control women.

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