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30 May 2006

No flooding here

For those of you who may have seen news reports or the following online article on MSNBC: 16 inches of rain fall in Southeast Texas and worried about me (yeah, right!), I wanted to assure you that there has been no flooding anywhere near my house. In fact, I had to go out and water all the new flowers we put in over the weekend because we got about a tenth of inch of rain over a 3 hour period on Sunday. And that was IT! All the rain was way to the east of where we live. Of course, it's raining some more now, so that situation could change.

In the 20 years we've been in our house, we've never had water come anywhere near our home even though our property backs up to a creek. The closest was during a tropical storm that dumped 21 inches of rain on us in 24 hours and even then the creek was still a good 3 feet below the level of our house. Getting to the house was a whole other story, though ...

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