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05 May 2006

Tag, I'm it!

I love taglines; I have ever since my first days on the internet - and that was a LLOOooOONNGG time ago. For those who don't know, taglines were (are) the short one or two line sayings that were (are) placed in a signature at the end of an email message. They very much resemble bumper stickers on cars: short and clever verbage. I like to think that taglines are to humor as haiku is to poetry: a boiled-down essence that still conveys the message.

For a long time I had a HUGE file of hundreds of taglines, and my email program - Pegasus - would pull one tagline at random out of that file and stick it on the end of each message I sent. It was automatic and I didn't have to do anything. In fact, I didn't even see the tagline because it wasn't added until Pegasus actually transmitted the message. But my computer that held the tagline file and Pegasus went to that big bit bucket in the sky about 6 months ago and that was the end of my taglines. I had to resort to webmail instead of a dedicated email reader program and that is not at all conducive to sticking taglines on messages.

But that's all changed. I finally broke down and dug out a backup CD with my tagline file on it and put together a random tagline reader that reads a tagline from my file and copies the tag to the clipboard. All I have to do then is paste it into the message and there's my tagline! I'm in the process of adding more taglines, too, since I've been stealing/saving/generating them all along but was too lazy to consolidate them. Now, I know most everyone who reads this couldn't care less about taglines but I like 'em. Hey, I even stuck them on the bottom of my blog pages.

Oh, and look, here's one now:
Pokemon: a Rastafarian proctologist.

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