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02 June 2006

Batwoman is Back As a Lesbian

This Associated Press story reports that DC Comics is bringing back Batwoman in its "52" comic book series ... but with a difference.
Years after she first emerged from the Batcave, Batwoman is coming out of the closet.
There are pictures and more details at this link, too.

  • On 6/03/2006 4:27 AM, Blogger Jen said…

    Should we send a toaster to DC Comics? What's that rule again?

  • On 6/03/2006 3:49 PM, Anonymous Fred Jordan said…

    Maybe the new Batwoman can hook up with the new Catwoman who is also gay.

  • On 6/04/2006 3:59 AM, Blogger Jen said…

    Now THAT makes me happy. I've always had a thing for Catwoman.

  • On 6/05/2006 9:59 AM, Blogger Bigseek said…

    I think it is great that mainstream comics are finally adding some diversity to their characters.

    Batwoman's gf is going to be Rene Montoya from the Gotham Central comic. An excellent read btw.

  • On 6/05/2006 11:19 AM, Blogger Jami said…

    Do you have a thing for Catwoman ... or for Julie Newmar? Not that there's anything wrong with either one; I'm just curious.

  • On 6/10/2006 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • On 6/24/2006 8:58 PM, Blogger Jen said…

    Bingo. Julie Newmar.

  • On 7/21/2006 12:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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