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30 June 2006

End of the Month CLEARANCE!

OK, it's just an assortment of chunks of stuff that have bobbed to the surface of my mind lately:


I was recently asked by a friend why I thought the bulk of humanity doesn’t like people who are different, even to the point of feeling that it is OK to attack them simply because of their difference. My answer to her was that sheep tend to view anything that’s not a member of the flock as a wolf, regardless of its true identity. That led me formulate the following warning: Be careful out there - when you don’t run with the pack OR the flock, you have to watch out for both the wolves AND the sheep.


I have found two more videos of my performances worth digitizing and uploading, so I'll be doing that sometime "real soon" in response to the three or four requests for more of my standup routines.


I love warmth. I don't much care for working in an air conditioned office all day, but I don't have much choice in that regard. But I do go outside at least twice a day in the warm months (here, that's all of them except February) to thaw out and just let the heat soak in. I think this is proof that we humans did evolve from cold-blooded animals.


I also love kids - especially mine but also all kids in general. That's noteworthy only because I didn't used to feel that way at all. For most of my life, children were "house apes", "curtain climbers", "tricycle motors", "drool factories", etc. Then I got my own kids and that perspective shifted radically. Yes, kids are all frustrating, irritating, enervating and all those other bad '-ting' things. But they're also quite literally the future of our species. And now I like 'em a lot.


For years, I had vanity license plates on a van that I drove. The van went through a couple of color changes, from green to blue to rust, but the plates never changed. And what, you now ask, did the plates say? "WEERD" - and everyone agreed that they were perfect for me. But the van finally expired, and I never bothered to transfer the plates to my new vehicle. Nowadays I couldn't afford them, anyway, but I do miss people giving me a little extra room on the roadways.


Our family has recently been adopted by a puppy, bringing the total number of dogs in our household up to five. Two of the dogs, however, are very old and/or infirm and not likely to live out the year, so the puppy will be the replacement to keep us at our minimum of three furry pets. For more than 20 years, we've never had less than that, in the form of some combination of dogs and/or cats and even an Arctic fox at one point. Like most of our furry live-ins, the latest was free (or a stray, to be honest) and is a mixed breed (or mutt). He's a big short-haired blonde with blue-green eyes and long legs and looks like a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Weimeraner. We're still trying to decide if he's a Retrieveraner or a Weimeriever, but we've all agreed that his name is Baxter. His picture's below:

  • On 7/01/2006 8:12 AM, Blogger Tonya said…

    great stuff. now that i am at the comment screen i don't know how to spell the crossed dog breed i liked but when i could see them i chose whatever the second one was. that's my vote.

    i love children. always have. friends in high-school told me if they ever had kids they would leave them to me to care for. so i guess that means there aren't a lot of people who like kids. you are so wonderful you just had to come around.

  • On 7/04/2006 8:19 PM, Blogger Jen said…

    I heart your assortment of chunks. Wow, that didn't sound right. This was great: "Be careful out there - when you don’t run with the pack OR the flock, you have to watch out for both the wolves AND the sheep." It's true and scary because the things that set you apart from others are also the things that can make you reach your greatness.

  • On 7/06/2006 5:00 AM, Anonymous Andy said…

    Names are funny things. Sometimes they just come to you. We've named the stray black cat which comes into our garden 'Reginald'. Goodness only knows where that came from! The puppy is beautiful. x

  • On 7/06/2006 11:25 AM, Blogger Jami said…

    Tonya - we have decided on Weimeriever ... unless things change, of course.

    Jen - Umm ... I heart your chunks, too?

    Andy - So glad to see you out and around again! And although the names for all our dogs "just come to us", right now they all just came to start with "B": Baxter, Buddy, Boomer, Bennie and Bobbette.


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