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12 June 2006

Transitioning on the Job: A story from Houston

Jen beat me to the story from my own 'hood! Go and read her post Transitioning on the Job: A story from Houston at Transcending Gender.

[Update 14 June 2006]: Pam's House Blend has some further reaction to the story in this post.

[Update 15 June 2006]: Officer Julia Oliver and her attorney, Phyllis Frye, held a news conference yesterday to "officially" introduce Officer Oliver to the world and publicly announce her transition. Links to the videos of that conference can be found at the KHOU TV website. If you want to see some of the local commentary on the issue, check out the KTRK TV website.

[Update 16 June 2006]: The latest article in the Houston Chronicle about Officer Oliver can be found here.

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