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21 August 2006


If the transgender community has made any headway on getting past the "Psycho Tranny" characterization, we may have just lost a good deal of that headway based on this article in Sunday's Houston Chronicle headlined "Ramsey suspect visited sex change clinic". Great ... just great. Whether or not John Karr had anything to do with JonBenet Ramsey's death, he's definitely a taco short of a combination plate and having the phrase "sex change" associated with him is painting a picture of him with a brush that I think ultimately ends up splattering all transsexuals unflatteringly.

  • On 8/21/2006 7:35 PM, Anonymous Kelly said…

    When I first saw reports about this, my heart sank and I cringed knowing full well how the media would play this. They haven't let me down. The worst example I've seen so far is today's New York Post. The headline says "Perv's Sex-Op Motive: To Lure Kids says Doc". Now granted, the Post is Fox News in Print, but still.

    All we can do is be vigilant, contact journalists when they sensationalize it and write letters to the editor. That and continue to be role models for the community. Alas, we still have a ways to go it seems.


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