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04 October 2006


I know you’ve all seen the verification “word” that many blogs utilize to help in curtailing spambots when leaving comments. If you’re like me, a lot of those strings of characters look like they’re almost words or some acronym or another. So, a while back I started writing down those that fit that description with the idea of actually writing definitions or acronyms for those strings. What follows is my first dozen entries in a little project I’m calling The Verificationary. They’re listed in the order I encountered them and wrote them down. Pronunciation is up to the individual but can sometimes be deduced by the definition. For all I know, this is not an unique idea, but it was original to me. Please feel free to add your own, steal these or whatever. Keep ‘em goin’!

mmamrep: a female lizard.

rrurdo: to style the hairs on your ass.

tbpunos: a chronic minor lung infection.

htniurs: to have sex with someone else’s partner.

ehqjhmn: mediocre to bad jazz music.

Lrgdgbtw: omnisexual’s acronym (Let’s really get down: girls, boys, trannies, whatever!)

tshht: high velocity diarrhea.

zpiizr: person who urinates very quickly.

skribts: unwell frogs.

msdmpi: the poorest fitness; the worst shape.

dktsmns: sailors on a pier.

shttrd: 1. Closed. 2. Broken into many pieces. 3. To defecate.

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