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12 December 2006

Bunch o' Books

A while back, Jen posted about her bookshelf and so did Sue. What with everything that was (and is) going on in my life, I didn't get a chance to post mine until now. I think all of these pictures will allow you to magnify them when you click on them, so you might actually be able to read some book titles. These pictures do not include all the books we have but they do cover a good portion of them. I have no idea how many books we have in our house, and I'm afraid to try and count them because that would only quantify the depth of our addiction. I do know that we don't worry about our house blowing away in a hurricane because books in mass quantities are really heavy.

Our library. Most of the books in here have been read and/or are kept for reference. The blue wall on the left is the fireplace that also opens to the living room on the other side. There is one more section of books to the left of the fireplace. And, yes, that's a longhorn skull on the wall. The dangly crystal thing on the left is the pull chain for the ceiling fan.

The other side of the library. There are two more sections of books to the right out of the picture. All the shelving runs floor to ceiling. The shiny rectangle is my Dad's POW license plate mounted on a plaque, and if you look closely on the shelf under it you can see a picture of me at about the age of 8.

My obsessive paperback science fiction hoard. (The 12-step program didn't work.) Some of these books are over 40 years old! The books are stacked two deep on these shelves and the shelving runs floor to ceiling; what is shown here is only half the height. And there are two more sections just like this to the left. OK, and there are some on the floor, too - but just a couple.

Shelving in the passageway between our bathroom and bedroom with books waiting to be read or to be shelved elsewhere. We don't read the sweaters, sheets and blankets also stored here ... unless they have printing on them somewhere.

The bottom 2 shelves in this bookcase are my Dad's religion and Bible study books. The rest are my to-be-read and to-finish-reading stash. Most of them here are fiction.

Someone's pile of currently-being-read and to-be-read books and magazines. Hint: it's not mine or the kids' or the dogs'.

Another stash in our bedroom. Guess what's in the trunk, too.

We have read to our kids almost every night of their lives and I'm afraid we have corrupted them with our sickness, too. This bookshelf is in my daughter's room. The pull-up diapers are leftovers from long ago that she now uses on her dolls and stuffed animals.

The shelving in my son's closet. It was intended to be used to store linens and such, but you can see how well that's worked out.

My son's stash by his bed. I told you we had corrupted our kids.

  • On 12/13/2006 12:05 PM, Blogger jerseygirlangie said…

    And to think that I had full book shelves! It's close, but you definitely have me beat.

    It's wonderful to see someone who not only appreciates books, but also has introduced their children to the joy of reading. We're lucky to have three avidly reading children as well.

    And don't forget about books on tape - they make a long drive go by in a flash ! Jim Dale reading Harry Potter is a perennial favorite.

  • On 12/13/2006 1:09 PM, Blogger She says said…

    I am very impressed. I thought I had it bad, but girl, I give credit where credit is due. Hail Jami -- you are the biggest book-o-pile ("h" deliberately omitted here) I've ever seen. Wow.

    And it's definitely a good thing!

    I mean, don't you ever wonder about those people who have NO books in their houses? What do they think about? Books are a good thing.

  • On 12/13/2006 7:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Phew! That's amazing, Jami. I agree with SS!

    (I'm hoping I can somehow post this -- Blogger has been quite recalcitrant about letting me log in lately).


  • On 12/13/2006 7:33 PM, Blogger Little Lovelies said…

    But you have corrupted them in the best possible way! Good for you!

  • On 12/15/2006 3:21 PM, Anonymous Jen Burke said…

    I no longer feel bad about my book hoarding AT ALL, lol. This is brilliant. It's so wonderful to see how books are in a central place in your life. Your library is gorgeous.

    When you said book stashes around the night table, wow, you seriously weren't kidding, lol. What? No bathroom pile?

    Horrible story: I went to am acquaintance's apartment for the first time. We played with his computer stuff, and then I asked, where are your books? He was not at all being funny when he led me to the bathroom and pointed to a basket on the floor.

  • On 12/15/2006 4:14 PM, Blogger Tonya said…

    So, ya gotten any books I can borrow?

  • On 5/04/2007 6:28 AM, Blogger Sue said…

    Surfed in via the Spicy Cauldron, loved your saying "some people do drugs we do books" and you've got the pics to prove it ... :) You can bet I'm going to borrow that quote!

    Cheers from Toronto!


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