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19 December 2006

Sorry for the delay

It's been a few days longer than normal since I made an entry here, and I'm blaming that on work. You would think that things would slow down at the end of the year and that's usually the case. But one of the projects I take care of is a power company that's been undergoing some severe weather-related problems, so you-know-who is having to help them via remote control. On top of that, I'm having to look after my daughter at the office because the neighbor who normally takes care of our kids when they're not at work (or on break from school) and we are working has been sick; so the five-year-old has been decorating my cubicle and watching DVDs on my laptop while I'm working. The eleven-year-old is at my spouse's office helping her. And finally, I was informed on Friday of last week that my contract will not be renewed after the end of this year. I know they've got more Mexico work but not until April or so next year; they told me to check back with them then. So I've also been a little preoccupied with trying to scare up some honest, meaningful work for next year ... but I'll settle for something that pays well.

  • On 12/20/2006 12:32 PM, Blogger Andy said…

    My thoughts are with you, in the hopeful prayer you get new work soon. It's a stressful time of year as is but I hope the work situation doesn't keep you from finding your joy over the festive season. x

  • On 12/21/2006 8:00 AM, Blogger Tonya said…

    something will come through. it always does. probably be even better.


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