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13 April 2007

War czar?

We need a War Czar? WTF!? Will this be like the "Drug Czar" for the "War on Drugs", only for the "War on Terror"? If so, I'm sure we'll be instantly kicking ass in Iraq because you all know how successful the War on Drugs has been. Sheesh. Check out one commentator's take on this here.
For one thing, unless he’s decided he can’t do the job, we already have a War Czar, and his name is Robert Gates, who is the Secretary of Defense.
If the White House ultimately concludes that it can’t live another minute without a War Czar, and if it can actually convince the Congress that it’s a good idea, it will still have to find some sucker whose ego is bigger than his intellect to take the job.

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  • On 4/14/2007 10:03 PM, Anonymous Kelly said…

    Nothing this jackass does anymore surprises me in the least. I do however question the legality of it all. As Commander in Chief, the President just can't abandon ship. Of course considering who the President is, maybe that's not such a bad idea.


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