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05 June 2007

We're going nowhere faster

MSNBC has posted a Washington Post article headlined Discontent over Iraq increasing, poll finds.  Some excerpts:
Growing frustration with the performance of the Democratic Congress, combined with widespread public pessimism over President Bush's temporary troop buildup in Iraq, has left satisfaction with the overall direction of the country at its lowest point in more than a decade
Many Democratic activists have complained that the 2006 midterm election results represented a call for a course change in Iraq and that so far the Democratic-controlled Congress has failed to deliver.
In the new poll, 73 percent of Americans said the country is pretty seriously on the wrong track, while 25 percent said things are going in the right direction.
(sigh) Where are we going, and why are we in this handbasket?

  • On 6/05/2007 9:29 PM, Blogger Howard said…

    Exactly where authors Orwell, Huxley, Dick, screenwriters George Miller, James Cameron and most especially graphic novel writer, Alan Moore ("V For Vendetta" anyone?), have said warned us over and over again we were headed if we didn't watch what we were doing.

  • On 6/06/2007 9:11 AM, Blogger Andy said…

    I feel your pain. That's all I can say. But times, they are a'changing. We hope for the better... soon... x

  • On 6/09/2007 6:01 PM, Blogger konagod said…

    It's that 25% that really scares me. 25% of 300 million is an astonishing number of nitwits.


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