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25 June 2007

When will it stop?

I live on the upper Texas coast, a next-door neighbor to the Gulf of Mexico. I was born here and raised both here and in Cajun country in southwest Louisiana. Wet is so much a part of life in this part of the world that babies born without webbed feet are often looked upon as ill-equipped to play outdoors. Folks that are born here tend to stay here because we start to dry out if we get north of I-10 or west of I-35 and the mummy look is not pretty. And if the atmosphere isn't saturated with humidity, we tend to choke a little because we can't feel any air to breathe. We know that in the summer (which is any time of year except February) your fingers (and toes if you're wearing sandals) will get pruney from the humidity just while walking out to your car. Our kids learn to swim by walking/floating to school. We love the water!

But it's been raining here every day for the past 2 weeks. Not that I'm worried - yet - but we're starting to push up towards halfway to that 40 day limit, and I don't have my boat construction permit yet. Now, I know lots of folks live in the tropical rainforest where it rains every day for years and they don't bitch. But those folks don't have 2 acres of yard to mow with an old beat-up Craftsman tractor that's on its last wheels (since it doesn't have legs) and a weed-eater that takes two men and a small boy to start. We haven't been able to mow the whole yard at the same time for about 2 weeks now and have to restrict where the kids play outside (in between lightning strikes) so they don't get lost in the tall parts of the yard. I just would like to get some idea about how much longer we can expect the rain to continue, so I can decide if we should keep trying to keep ahead of the growth of the yard or just let it go until haying time at the end of summer. And if we wait, then we have to consider either keeping the kids inside until then or having GPSs implanted in them so they can find the house.

  • On 6/26/2007 6:33 AM, Blogger Jenn in Holland said…

    Oh, the rain rain rain is coming down down down in this part of the world too Jami!
    It's getting just slightly annoying because it is June after all. And I know that it rains A LOT in Holland, I totally get that. But there are supposed to be times when it doesn't rain. June is that time. I have just deemed it so, and it seems no one is listening.

  • On 6/26/2007 11:35 AM, Blogger Jami said…

    I hear ya! Over here it usually slacks off and dries out some at the end of the summer but I'm starting to think that even if it stopped raining today (which ain't happenin') it would take until August to dry out.

  • On 7/02/2007 10:02 AM, Blogger Sher said…

    You should be in my neck of the woods today. Our little town in Kansas is now an island. Nobody can get in or out and although the rain stopped last night (hopefully), the water has yet to crest. Highways are gone, houses are gone, businesses are gone.

    I'm grateful we are on high enough ground that we are dry.

  • On 7/02/2007 3:54 PM, Blogger Jami said…

    It's still going here. Luckily, it's not a lot of rain every day but it's enough to keep the ground soggy and the ditches full.

  • On 7/05/2007 7:28 PM, Blogger soccer mom in denial said…

    I've lived near those parts, along I-10 and you have me giggling over webbed feet and struggling to breath!

    Lose any kids in the tall grass yet?

  • On 7/06/2007 10:24 AM, Blogger Jami said…

    Haven't lost any kids yet, but I did think something got one of the dogs. He finally showed up, though. I think he just got lost. We're past the 20-day mark now at our house and there are places around here that are now on their 44th day of rain. And more due today.


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