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14 August 2007

I AM the Haiku Buckaroo!

Haiku Buckaroo
I WON!! Leslie's Haiku Buckaroo contest, that is. So now I AM the current reigning Haiku Buckaroo, and I will proudly display my badge over in my sidebar forever and ever. I would like to thank Laurie, who judged this contest, for picking my particular haiku verse from the (I'm sure) thousands of worthy entries. And I want to single out Leslie for my enormous thanks, but also for my equally large blame. Yes, Leslie is receiving the first ever Blame It On This Blog award for getting damn near the whole blogosphere writing in haiku. It's all her fault! (Thanks, Leslie!) Finally, I'd like to thank Jenn and Allison and everybody else who pushed cajoled convinced me to enter the contest. I actually submitted ten verses but this was the one that won:

In the dusty room
a broken piano leans.
No more music here.

If y'all will indulge me for just a moment, I'd like to relate the history of this particular verse. I've been something of an urban explorer, peeking and poking around abandoned buildings and hidden places and such for a long time. It started when I was a kid of about ten or eleven years old in southern Louisiana. At that time there was a large long-abandoned house in the woods on the dairy farm at the end of the street where we lived. Everyone (all the other kids, anyway) said it was haunted, but something in that house attracted me and I decided to break in enter anyway. Once I got inside, I realized that I was apparently the first person to ever enter after the previous residents had left years before. The house had obviously once been very nice but now was on the verge of falling down. Most of the furniture was still in place, but paint and wallpaper were peeling from the walls and everything was covered by a thick layer of dust and cobwebs. And in the living room there was a grand piano with a broken right front leg that somehow almost exuded a tangible air of sadness as I gently touched a key. The house was haunted, not by ghosts, per se, but by that sadness of being abandoned. I left the house, reveling in my status as a hero to my friends, but the piano stayed with me.

Fast forward to Long Beach, California about 10 years ago. I was walking past the ballroom of the hotel where I was staying when I saw a grand piano in the corner of the room. In that instant, the haunting emotion of that broken piano from so long ago demanded to be expressed. I went back to my room and spent hours trying to write a story or a poem to let that sadness out. Nothing seemed right and I ultimately gave up. The piano stayed. Fast forward again, this time to two weeks ago and the Haiku Buckaroo contest. As soon as I decided to try and write a haiku, the verse you see above came to me. Yes, I wrote some other verses but I had to compose them; that one just appeared on its own. Now, although that emotion is still with me, it has been expressed and I feel almost as if the spirit of that old house is satisfied that the world knows how it felt to be left behind.

  • On 8/14/2007 12:17 PM, Blogger Jenn in Holland said…

    Oh, how perfect.
    I thought it was a perfect verse to begin with and told a story so well replete with emotion. But now, I know the story behind it I am even more moved than before.
    And in awe.
    I am with your worshipping friends of long back Jami. You are a hero.
    And now a haiku master with a button to prove it!
    With our collective finger of blame pointed at Leslie I think we have indeed succeeded in passing the blame!

    Congrats on the win. You are amazing!

  • On 8/14/2007 12:36 PM, Blogger cathouse teri said…

    Cool! (The topless kind.)

    Yes, we are your new, true-blue worshippers.

    Let's all dress in blue for Jammie-kins!

    Good job, babe! I have never written a haiku in my life! (Also, have never done a soduku puzzle.. or however the hell ya spell it.)

  • On 8/14/2007 12:46 PM, Blogger soccer mom in denial said…

    You sensed the sad longing as a 10 year old? The long list of reasons to love, admire, wallow in adoration of all things Jami just got longer for me.

    I couldn't be more excited that you are the first ever Buckaroo. It was also fun pulling together the Blame it on this Blog award with you, Jenn and FA. And for the record, as we were pulling together the awared, none of us knew that Ms. Jami would be the winner!!

    Well done lady.

  • On 8/14/2007 1:29 PM, Blogger Brillig said…

    First off, congrats on the award. The poem was beautiful and the story incredible.

    Secondly, I love your Blame Committee. Fabulous idea! And yes, Leslie most certainly deserves this award! She haiku-hijacked all of Bloglandia.

  • On 8/14/2007 1:32 PM, Blogger Howard said…

    So cool! I love story of how writers are inspired. But mostly congrats on your win!

  • On 8/14/2007 4:47 PM, Blogger Jen said…

    Congrats, Buckaroo Jami!!! COOLNESS!

    And your story is as brilliant as the haiku.

  • On 8/14/2007 7:03 PM, Blogger Nancy said…

    Congratulations Jami aka Buck-a-roooooo

    What a cool piano story, that was finished years later in your haiku.

  • On 8/15/2007 11:14 AM, Blogger Jami said…

    Thanks, y'all! Really!

  • On 8/15/2007 2:41 PM, Anonymous Leslie said…

    I'm so glad you chose to tell the story behind your award-winning haiku. Those 17 syllables carried a lot of weight with them. It was a beautiful poem.

    As for the blame award, I am so proud! I am working on my acceptance post. It'll be up, most likely tomorrow, now that my latest neurotic freak out is over.

  • On 8/15/2007 9:34 PM, Blogger Sher said…

    I love it, love it, love it.

  • On 8/17/2007 7:27 PM, Blogger Laurie said…

    It's amazing that the feelings behind that short haiku came through. I'm so glad I chose it.

  • On 8/18/2007 10:01 AM, Blogger Fourier Analyst said…

    Congrats dearie!! Ain't it funny that you won, and Les & co. didn't even know about the "Blame" award!! Have you seen her "Mea Culpa"? Oh my GAWD we have created a monster!! Proud of ya' kiddo!!

  • On 9/03/2008 12:12 AM, Blogger charrette said…

    LOVE the haiku and its back story.

  • On 9/03/2008 4:30 AM, Blogger Lisa said…

    Great story, Jami! Wow.

  • On 11/09/2009 12:58 AM, Blogger Adi said…

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