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21 August 2007

Not that good

The past few hours have not been all that good. Right now I'm sitting in my office at six-fuckin'-twenty in the P-fuckin'-M! because when I went out after a long hard day of emailing and surfing the net working and slaving to get in my trusty vehicle to drive home, I found that I had a flat tire. Actually, I have TWO flat tires: one on the right rear wheel and one that should have been the spare. Yeah, it's a spare alright - a spare flat. Thanks, but I've already got all I need of those! So, I'm sitting here waiting for my spouse and kids to come and rescue me. It sure is quiet when the A/C is off in the office, BTW.

And to top it off, tonight is "Meet the Teacher" night at school. I think we're going to be late. And to top THAT off, tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the dentist. So, the plan of attack is to go home tonight after meeting all the teachers, take all the junk off our third car - the 36-year-old one without A/C - put oil in it and hope that it starts. That way, I have a way to get BOTH my flats to the tire dealer to be fixed, get to the dentist and then pick up the tires afterward. We'll see if I have a way to get at least one of the tires back here to put on the ride currently squatting on the jack in the garage before Wednesday evening.

Oh, I raked the bandage off my hurting dog-bit finger while taking the tire off. Want to see? Too bad! Made you look!

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