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05 September 2007

More Magnetic Haiku

OK. It's almost 3 o'clock and I haven't eaten lunch and I'm really, really hungry. As delicate and petite as I am, I could swoon from hunger soon. (I heard that laughing!) I haven't eaten because half my mouth is still numb from going to the dentist this morning to have a crown replaced. Yes, as shocking as it might be, I will admit that some of my teeth aren't all 100% natural, but they are all mine because I paid good money for them. Anyway, as I was saying, I haven't eaten yet because I don't want part of my lunch to be my tongue or my cheek. So, to take my mind off the insistent growling of my stomach, I put up another Magnetic Haiku on my file cabinet. Oh, it's been raining here lately. Again. A lot.

Click on the picture to see it bigger.

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