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29 October 2007

A brief conversation

(Being an almost-verbatim replay of a conversation between Redheaded Spouse and our daughter Fireball in the kitchen of our home on Saturday evening:)

Redheaded Spouse: "Who ate all the Oreos? There was half a package here yesterday and now there's just one left. Was it you?"
Fireball: "It wasn't me. I didn't eat 'em."
RS: "Come on - you can tell me. How many did you eat?"
F: "I didn't eat any of them ... today."
RS: "How many?"
F: "None, I told you."
RS: "What? You ate nine?"
F: "Not nine - NONE!"
F: "NONE!"
RS (laughing): "NINE?"
F (smiling): "NONE, NONE!"
RS: "How many?"
F (stuffing last cookie in mouth and rapidly exiting kitchen while laughing loudly): "Just one!"
RS: "Hey! I wanted that one!"

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