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18 October 2007

Cardio-Pulmonary ... Romance

As she entered the darkening room, she softly called her lover’s name but received no reply. Approaching their bed, she beheld her beloved in unmoving repose on the coverlet they had picked out together so long ago. Climbing upon the bed and kneeling gently next to her love, she deftly inserted two of her delicate fingers between the lips that she knew so well, to touch the so-talented tongue that had brought her repeated pleasures. Seeing no response and determined to evoke one, she placed both her hands on precisely the right spot on the voluptuous chest of her best friend's supine womanly form. Stroking in a rhythm guaranteed to elicit the maximum response, she paused in her stimulation only long enough to place her slightly parted carmine lips on those of the woman lying below her and to exhale her sweet breath of life, watching the perfect breasts before her heavy-lidded eyes rise and fall with her efforts. Repeatedly, she worked to arouse her love from an ultimate depth to the ultimate height of life itself, gradually becoming more exhausted and sweating with the effort. And then, just as she began to despair of succeeding in her quest, her beloved responded to her determined ministrations with a deep gasping, moaning breath ... and then another and yet another, and she began to cry for joy.

If you don't know CPR, you should learn. The life you save might just be one close to you.

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