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10 October 2007

Family Voices

There's a new post up by Dana at Mombian in her continuing Family Voices series that strikes a particular chord with me. It's an interview with the son of a transgendered parent.
Tell us a little about the family in which you grew up. Who was in it? Anything particular you’d like to share about yourselves?

My family is a witch’s brew of geeks, dorks, and delinquents. We built secret passages in the basement for fun, and my father fought an eternal battle against right angles. My oldest brother just got married: he walked down the aisle with his wife to ‘Where Is My Mind,’ by The Pixies, my sister-in-law chucked a bouquet of dead flowers to the tune of ‘The Doom Song’ from Invader Zim, and then the entire place (a museum) was rocked by Britpop and New Wave until midnight. Because that’s the way my people roll. And by the by, my father is a transgender woman.

Go read the whole thing, but I'd like to think that my kids could give an interview like this one day.

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