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24 October 2007

Roommate wanted

No, not me! I got the following from someone who got it from the originator. If you're looking for a place in NYC, read on:
Hi all,

I have a very cute apartment in the South part of Park Slope. It's about 4 blocks from Prospect Park but far enough from the busy, boujie part of the Slope so you aren't constantly navigating double-wide strollers. I love my neighborhood and I really like my place. I'm looking for someone to share it with me starting in January. The available room is very nice, it isn't large but it has a private balcony with room for two chairs and lots of plants. If you hear about anyone looking for a room to rent could you pass on my email and I can give them more info?

I'm easy to live with and actually never around since I work in the evenings and leave town on the weekends to be with my partner in Massachusetts. I'm basically an invisible roommate. Would love to live with a queer, though anyone reliable and open-minded would be great.


That's Diana Cage, a writer who also does a show on Sirius XM radio. If you're interested, she can be reached at

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