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01 October 2007

There's no substitute

Tell Congress!

And then catch up on all the latest news and commentary on ENDA here.

  • On 10/02/2007 6:26 PM, Blogger soccer mom in denial said…

    That is brilliant!! Are they handing out packs of Splenda packaged like this in congress? We once handed out chattering teeth for kids' dental care. 6 years later they are still on people's desks in the state house.

  • On 10/02/2007 8:52 PM, Blogger cathouse teri said…

    Dammit! I think my comments are not posting!

    Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn!

    (is that Rex Harrison I hear?)

  • On 10/02/2007 10:03 PM, Blogger Diesel said…

    Yay, more laws to make us free and happy!

  • On 10/02/2007 10:22 PM, Blogger Sher said…

    I have nothing intelligent to contribute to this discussion so I'll just say Go ENDA.

    How's that?

  • On 10/03/2007 10:20 AM, Blogger Jami said…

    @smid - I don't think they're handing them out, but they should be!

    @pretty kitty - how'd you get that comment on here?

    @diesel - Hey! Another round of government for everybody!

    @sher - It's fine. I'm just glad you didn't go with something that played off the obvious, like "In your ENDA".

  • On 10/03/2007 3:25 PM, Blogger Jen said…

    Great logo - since Bush even vetoed health care for children, makes you wonder, doesn't it? Government for the rich and conservative, more like it. UGH!


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