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26 November 2007

Mind if we have a look around?

On Raw Replay, you can see the Fox News video reporting that the Department of FatherlandHomeland Security [Sieg Heil!] is now asking firefighters to look for and report any terrorist activity while inside homes in the line of duty. Skipping over the whole "Stalinist / Nazi watch-your-neighbors-to-defend-the-Fatherland" issue, doesn't it make sense that firefighters might just be more interested in putting out the fire than doing terrorist surveillance in the middle of a burning residence? And if the folks in the residence in question have been spouting anti-American vitriol and espousing violence, doesn't it also make sense that the police already have a pretty good idea about what kind of folks they are? And if any fire has a suspicious origin - like, say a cache of ammunition or a block of plastic explosive - don't firefighters already report that to the appropriate authorities? I'm at a loss for words ... and if that's the case, you gotta know it's a pretty shitty situation.

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