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27 November 2007

Neighborhood pix





(Click 'em to big 'em)

  • On 11/27/2007 7:55 PM, Blogger soccer mom in denial said…

    These are lovely.

  • On 11/27/2007 8:21 PM, Blogger Jen of A2eatwrite said…

    Lovely pictures. Your landscape is really different from ours.

  • On 11/27/2007 9:55 PM, Blogger Nancy said…

    Love them both!

  • On 11/28/2007 5:28 AM, Blogger DeniseUMLaw said…

    Where's all the snow?

  • On 11/28/2007 12:16 PM, Blogger Jami said…

    Thanks! And Denise - the snow's in Michigan ... which is just one reason I live here! :)

  • On 11/28/2007 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nice pix. I always carry a camera with me in my truck, but my pictures never look as good as I envision them. Yours are great!

  • On 11/28/2007 7:25 PM, Blogger Sher said…

    I wanna see videos of the lighted up mansion!

  • On 11/28/2007 9:14 PM, Blogger cathouse teri said…

    You have stables?
    Beri Beri Be-yoo-tee-ful pictures!

    I have cramps. It's at times like this when me mum asks me if I'm going about singing, "I love being a girl!" (I don't really know that song. S'pose I ought to learn it.) Then when I ask her, "Mom, how was it for you when you went thru menopause?" she says, "Fine." She don't really like to talk about stuff like that there sorta thing very much. :)


  • On 11/29/2007 4:44 PM, Blogger Jami said…

    @TSG - cell phone. With camera.

    @Sher - Maybe. But I doubt it. But you never know.

    @Teri - I don't have stables, but I do live very near several horse ranches. (I'm so glad you got a chance to stop by, even (especially) if you're not a happy cramper.)

  • On 12/04/2007 5:53 PM, Anonymous tonya said…

    my fav is the stables.


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