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04 December 2007

Way to go, Katie!

The Golden Gate Business Association announces new Executive Director

San Francisco, Calif.
(December 3, 2007) – The Golden Gate Business Association (“GGBA”) today announced the appointment of Katherine Dean as their new Executive Director. Ms. Dean replaces the outgoing John D'Alessandro, who has managed the organization for the past two years and is now moving to Miami, Florida.

Dean comes to the nation’s oldest and most prestigious LGBT Chamber of Commerce with over twenty-five years of management experience, including being CEO of several high-tech startups. For the last eight years she has been providing business consulting to both Fortune 500 and small startups, specializing in marketing and strategic planning.

Representing nearly 500 LGBT businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, the GGBA provides networking, business assistance, support, and advertising opportunities to its members. Their “Pride Pages” business directory has a circulation of 35,000 and represents some of the major names in LGBT supported businesses including Wells Fargo, First Bank, Planet Out, and Travelocity.

Peggy Hughes, GGBA’s newly elected Board President, said Dean brings the kind of experience the organization needs to move forward to the next level. In addition, Ms. Dean is a post-op transsexual woman, which is certain to raise the visibility of transgendered inclusion within LGBT leadership roles.

“We are excited to have Katherine join us as our new Executive Director,” Hughes said. “First and foremost, we chose the best qualified person for the job. At the same time, San Francisco always leads by example, and I do believe having an openly transgendered woman in this highly visible role strengthens the inclusiveness of our diverse business community.”

“I personally felt it was time to make a stand and come out,” Dean said. “I’ve spent over a decade trying to hide my history of being transgendered, but after what happened last month with ENDA, I chose to come help make a difference.”

“I’m very proud to be here, at this time, and in this role.” Dean said. “I can think of no higher honor right now than assisting in the growth and prosperity of LGBT businesses in the City of San Francisco.”

For over thirty years, the GGBA has served as a dynamic voice for the Bay Area’s LGBT businesses. Specifically, it has built a community of diverse LGBT businesses providing significant value for the economy and has provided a strong voice both to the Office of the Mayor and to the members of the Board of Supervisors. The GGBA provides members with networking and mentoring opportunities, informal business advice, business leads and referrals. The organization provides a sense of community for members facing the task of doing business in today’s rapidly changing and challenging marketplace.

For more information about the GGBA or any of its programs,
please call us at 415-865-5545, or visit

Press Contact:

Katherine Dean
Executive Director

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