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14 December 2007


I'm instituting a new feature here: Work Week Haiku Blog Posting, Yall - hereafter to be known as WoWeHaBloPoYa. It's got one very simple rule: try to blog post a haiku on each workday. No website, no button, no icon, no oath to swear, no oversight committee - no nothing. Spare and simple, just like haiku. In fact, I'm toying with the idea of shortening the acronym to just WWH, but I'll only do that if I get fed up with typing "WoWeHaBloPoYa". And this is strictly for me. If others start doing it then I'll have to come up with some other way to force me to put up unique blog posts. Although I really can't stop anyone from copying me.

So, my first WoWeHaBloPoYa haiku:

Gray, cloudy and cold
Outside the window - and in.
Fridays should not suck.

[Posted on Day 7 of Zappadan.]

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