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30 May 2008


It's official: I'm going to have to go under the knife to get the cartilage in my knee fixed. However, since it's going to be done arthroscopically, I've been assured that the knife is very small. And I get to sleep through it, so WOO-HOO for naps in the middle of the day! No details yet, as the doctor's office is setting it all up, but I'll let you know as soon as I know. The doc's also telling me that I won't miss but a day or two of work and will be walking again almost immediately afterward. And that I will experience just a little discomfort. Sounds OK, right? Right?

[Update Update: The doctor's first choice of a date for my surgery was June 20. I immediately nixed that date because a) it's too close to my trip to Denver, and b) it's my fucking birthday and I AM NOT going to be recovering from surgery on the day I turn SIXTY god-damned years old! SHIT! I'm now scheduled for probing (of my KNEE!) and repairs on July 11, so I will not be dancing in Denver over the Fourth of July. On the other hand, I won't be worrying about blowing out my new repairs, either.]

  • On 5/30/2008 12:43 PM, Blogger Weekends Off said…

    I'm really glad for you that it sounds like it's going to be an easy surgery!

    I hope they still prescribe you a few goodies for the pain though!

  • On 5/30/2008 12:44 PM, Blogger heels said…

    From that description, it sounds great! And from everything I've heard, arthroscopic surgery is pretty much like that. Very cool.

    Milk it a little, though. How many chances to you get?

  • On 5/30/2008 4:12 PM, OpenID oneloveonelight said…

    Only a day or two of work? Have your doctor lie and say you need a month off!

    Will there be nice drugs?

    Seriously, though, good luck! I'm glad it won't be anything too major.

  • On 5/31/2008 9:27 AM, Blogger Howard said…

    Hope it goes with a hitch. And glad it's going to be a bit more simple on your body.

  • On 5/31/2008 11:02 PM, Blogger Hammer said…

    Sounds like a good deal. I hope you come out even better than new.

    My best wishes on a speedy recovery

  • On 6/01/2008 12:38 AM, Blogger Diesel said…

    Have 'em put some bionics in there too. Just in case.


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