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07 May 2008

The wit and wisdom of Pink Guy

Background: My son, Pink Guy, has an excellent sense of humor and comedic timing. He's 12.

On Monday, I picked him and his sister, six-year-old Fireball, up after school. As we were walking out of one end of the building, both my daughter's teachers were exiting from the other end of the building. Fireball - because she loves both these women and is a demonstrative soul - took off running down the sidewalk toward her teachers while calling their names. My son just stood holding his backpack and watched her go for a second before saying to no one in particular, "Run, Forrest, run!" With the accent.

Last night we were lying in bed reading when Pink Guy exited the bathroom on his way to bed and stuck his head in our door. Here's what we heard: "You know how bad it tastes when you brush your teeth with Crest and then drink orange juice? Well, I just discovered that the smell version of that taste happens if you brush your teeth with Colgate and fart after eating pizza while you're brushing. I just wanted to pass along that wisdom to you guys." You CAN learn things from your kids.

Last Friday, Pink Guy stayed home from school because he was sick - dizzy and nauseous. Then on Saturday, he said he was feeling better. So on Saturday night, we were all going to see Iron Man, but on the way Pink Guy said he REALLY didn't feel good again. I said something to the effect that there wasn't much difference between sitting in the movie and sitting in bed at home (because I He replied, "If we go, I'm sitting next to you so when I throw up I can do it in your lap. That way, you have a stake in this, too." We opted to go back home. And as we pulled in the driveway, he bailed out of the car and promptly vomited in the rose bushes. When he was done and slowly making his way into the house with my help, he said, "See? Aren't you glad you didn't have to wear that home?" And yeah, he would have done it in my lap.

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