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18 June 2008

...and now the news

From Thailand, the AP has a story about a rural high school there that has put in "Transvestite Toilets".
The Kampang School in northeastern Thailand conducted a survey last term that showed more than 200 of the school's 2,600 students considered themselves transgender, said school director Sitisak Sumontha.

So, when classes resumed in May, the school unveiled a unisex restroom designated by a human figure split in half — part man in blue and part woman in red.

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On the same day that same-sex marriage became legal in California, the American Medical Association passed Resolution 122. The resolution, titled "Removing Financial Barriers to Care for Transgender Patients," was passed by the House of Delegates - AMA's primary decision-making body - at its annual conference in Chicago. Resolution 122 affirms the effectiveness of medical treatment for transsexuals and their right to appropriate treatment. It also labels as discriminatory the categorical denial of health insurance coverage for psychotherapy, hormonal and surgical treatments for transgender patients, and reiterates the AMA's opposition to discrimination based on gender identity. The full text of the resolution is here.

  • On 6/18/2008 1:29 PM, Blogger Jen of A2eatwrite said…

    A good day, all-in-all. I think Thailand is on the forefront in this area in general, isn't it?

    The sad thing is, that all of these things should be normal parts of life, not major victories. Ugh.

  • On 6/18/2008 7:08 PM, Blogger gmcountrymama said…

    I really don't understand why people are so against same sex marriage. In my mind, there really shouldn't have been an issue in the first place.
    Congrats to all in California!

  • On 6/20/2008 12:41 AM, Blogger eastcoastlife said…

    Happy Birthday Jami!
    Came over from Jenn in Holland. :)

  • On 6/20/2008 3:45 AM, Blogger Goofball said…

    happy birthday! (came over from JIH as well)

  • On 6/20/2008 6:17 AM, Blogger Jen of A2eatwrite said…

    Happy, Happy B'day Jami!!! I left you a little something at my place today.

  • On 6/20/2008 6:21 AM, Blogger DeniseUMLaw said…

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. News, smews. The BIG news is that today - today! - Jami is 60 freakin' years old! WOOHOO!

    Happy Birthday, Jami!

    Love you muchly, my dear friend!


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