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23 June 2008

RIP, George

George Carlin died yesterday at the age of 71. He was a comedy giant in my life and the lives of many others. In his book "When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?", one of his rants dealt with the issue of abortion. In it, he expressed his dislike of the term "unborn child". He felt that if we utilized the logic of that term, when they're born everyone goes immediately from being "unborn" to being "undead". George has now made the final transition past being undead - whatever that is. There will be no further updates from the Hippy-Dippy Weatherman.

  • On 6/23/2008 10:39 AM, Blogger heels said…

    It's as if I've lost the Grandfather I never met. I am very sad. I will really miss that foul-mouthed, atheist bastard. And I mean that in the most loving way.

  • On 6/23/2008 1:48 PM, Blogger hotdrwife said…

    I was so bummed to hear the news this morning! He was truly one of a kind.

  • On 6/23/2008 3:40 PM, Blogger Diesel said…

    Ok, I'm going to be the contrarian and say that I never thought George Carlin was funny. He telegraphed his jokes, and was too concerned with trying to seem clever.

  • On 6/23/2008 6:17 PM, OpenID oneloveonelight said…

    I read part of "When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?" I should have bought it instead of reading half in the bookstore and promising myself I'd buy it later on Amazon. Only I never actually followed through with that notion. *thumps self in head*

    So, we should be on the lookout for Carlin, the Vampire? Or maybe he'd prefer braaaaaaainnnnnns and will choose a zombie as his undead vehicle?

    The man's so fucking cool that making fun of his death would be a high compliment, I would think. Loved him.

  • On 6/23/2008 7:23 PM, Blogger konagod said…

    I'm so glad we got to see him in Austin in 2002. I think he came around again more recently and we had to skip that one. Thank God he lives on in video. We're probably all doomed anyway but the wise ones among us can at least say we were warned.

  • On 6/24/2008 12:22 PM, Blogger Hammer said…

    RIP another free thinker.

  • On 6/24/2008 2:03 PM, Blogger Jen of A2eatwrite said…

    He was absolutely brilliant and so often pointed out things that really needed to be pointed out.

    He'll be missed.

  • On 6/24/2008 10:33 PM, Blogger cathouse teri said…

    All he pointed out was the obvious. ;)

    I'll never forget first hearing him when I was a teenager. On an LP at my cousin's house.

    "Tonight's forecast ~ DARK."

    He was a very funny man. But as he got older, he got kind of mean. Past cynical. His later messages became unfunny to me. He just personified the rambling old man.

    Not that I am trying to speak ill of the dead here. I adored him.

    Especially.............ESPECIALLY......... in Jersey Girl. Classic Carlin character that.

  • On 6/26/2008 5:34 AM, Blogger Jenn in Holland said…

    Ah, sadness.
    Is he now an unearthed being?
    I love him, love his humor, love his intelligence.
    Oh, man, I miss him already.


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