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04 August 2008

Do you think it's going to rain?

Yes. Yes, I do believe that we will get some rain here on the Third Coast. I'm heading home now to start hauling all the shit out of my yard and putting it in the garage in preparation for the arrival of Edouard sometime early tomorrow. I'll also be gassing up my cars and filling up the extra gas tank for the generator at home. Aside from that, we're ready. As things stand now, Eduardo is going to go pretty much right over my house on its way to somewhere inland. But don't worry, we're on what passes for high ground in this part of the world and have weathered several big storms. And unlike earthquakes, we do have advance warning and can prepare. If you don't hear from me, don't assume the worst. I'm going to be fine and will be back here just as soon as I can.

[UPDATE @ 11:00, 5 Aug 2008: Edouard came ashore earlier and further east than predicted which means that while we are getting some rain, it's far from torrential. I've seen worse during afternoon thunderstorms here. Now, as long as it doesn't park itself here and drop a foot of rain, we'll be fine.]

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