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13 August 2008

Vets can't vote

OK, the headline on this post isn't entirely accurate. Veterans can still vote but only if they register to do so and that's apparently a problem for the Department of Veterans Affairs. In May, James B. Peake - the Secretary of Veterans Affairs - issued a directive that bans nonpartisan voter registration drives at federally financed nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and shelters for homeless veterans. So if the veterans who gave the most to their country - those living in such facilities - can't figure out how to register or get out to register to vote, then they can't vote.

I have my own theory about why Duhbya's administration put forth this directive. The veterans who know the most about the horrors of war are the ones who have been so badly injured - physically, mentally, emotionally or all the above - that they must reside in the veteran's hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers and shelters. And they're the veterans most likely to be not buying into the Bush/Cheney/KBR propaganda spin about how well things are going in our country's current military "actions" and to vote their experience. Once again, this administration's vocal assertions about supporting our troops are belied by their political actions to do anything to look good without actually giving support. Meanwhile, we've spent over ONE HUNDRED BILLION dollars for civilian contractors in the war zones, where they now outnumber actual troops. I wonder if the contractors get to register to vote?

(The New York Times online edition also has an op-ed piece by Susan Bysiewicz, the Connecticut Secretary of State, on this issue.)

  • On 8/13/2008 12:24 PM, Blogger Jenn in Holland said…

    They may or may not get to vote, but yes, those civilian contractors are also the lucky winners of coming back from that experience scarred and broken. Even if no wounds show on the outside.
    Because war is generous like that.

  • On 8/13/2008 8:53 PM, Blogger Jen of A2eatwrite said…

    Yet another horror in the horrorfication of this country. (Yeah, it's not a word, but I bet you know what I mean).


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