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11 September 2008

Moment of silence

Soul-sister Jenn (who got it from her hubby Don) sent me an op-ed column from the New York Times entitled "In The Seventh Year" that's well worth reading.
Therefore, in the seventh year after the fall, with 1,126 of the slain still unidentified, their very beings rendered unto dust, their souls inhabiting the air of New York, it seemed that one nation had become two; and loss, far from unifying the people, had sundered the nation.
And in the seventh year after the fall, the dust and debris of the towers cleared. And it became plain at last what had been wrought — but not how the damage would be undone.
As a nation, we will never forget the horrific acts that occurred seven years ago. Those acts angered me and saddened me then, but I have been repeatedly angered and saddened anew by those who have used the deaths and the destruction of the World Trade Center towers to further their own selfish political ends, most recently at the Republican Convention. I meant it when I said that we as a nation will not forget what happened on this day, and I also mean it when I say that we most certainly do not need politically motivated propaganda to remind us! Let us remember those who died with dignified memorial services and monuments, not with televised advertisements extolling the virtues of some political point of view.

In the spirit of stopping the rampant politicization that is only dividing us as a nation, this will be my last rant here against the government or the candidates or the whole stupid political process of pandering, name-calling and fear-mongering that our elections have degenerated to nowadays. At least until after this fall's elections are over. I'm not sure what I WILL write about or how I'll keep my blood pressure under control without this outlet for ranting about the political shit that is sure to piss me off, but for the next couple of months it won't be political.

  • On 9/11/2008 1:30 PM, Blogger Jen of A2eatwrite said…

    I'm about where you are, Jami. I think I've driven most of my readers off, and while I don't care particularly about feedcrack, I like most of my readers and don't want to offend the crap out of them, either.

    I have one more post to write in the next few days about READING and being INFORMED about issues and not relying on the idiot box for all information and then I'm putting the political posts to bed.

    I'm dealing with today (9/11) by eating an entire bag of Color Rado by Haribo, which my German daughter brought over for me. I guess I'm trying to vomit out my feelings. I know... lovely imagery.


  • On 9/11/2008 3:44 PM, OpenID oneloveonelight said…

    I posted something about this too, before reading this! Great minds think alike ;)

    But yeah, it's nauseating. And I TRY not to be too political on my blog but, you know what, sometimes it's absolutely the right thing to do - making people feel uncomfortable. It forces people to actually THINK about the issues. To THINK before voting.

    If I can wake up a few people and make them realize that the matrix has them...


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