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08 September 2008

No, you can't

Jesus' General has an absolutely killer post up on the Republicans' counterstrike against the Democrats' "Yes We Can" slogan. A few excerpts:
No, you can't have more affordable health care or health insurance. The nation already has plenty of emergency rooms.
No, you can't have schools that teach comprehensive sex education where kids might learn about contraception or how to use it. The only 100% effective methods for not getting pregnant are abstinence and sterilization, but the latter might impede the ability of whites to keep pace with fertile brown people so we have to stick with abstinence for now.
No, you queers can't have equality at work or in marriages. Being gay is a lifestyle choice, like illegal immigration, and not an immutable characteristic like being saved by Jesus Christ, so it would be wrong to protect it from discrimination.
Go check it out!

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