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23 October 2008

Another car conversation

Last weekend, I was driving somewhere with both kids in the car. Pink Guy and I were in front, Fireball was in back (she's still too small to ride up front).
Fireball: "Why did you go in the Navy?"

Jami: "Because I didn't want to go in the Army and run around in the jungle and get shot at by strangers."

FB: "But why the Navy?"

J: "Because they had the submarines. I had wanted to be either a pilot or a submariner but because I didn't have perfect vision and had to wear glasses, I couldn't be pilot. So I had to be a submariner."

FB: "So you didn't go in the Air Force because you couldn't be a pilot? And the Air Force didn't have submarines?"

J: "You got it. No ships in the air, no planes under the water."

FB: "Well, unless the plane crashes over the ocean."

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