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28 October 2008

Yet another car conversation

Last Saturday, Fireball went to a sleep-over Halloween party (now THERE is a brave mom!) and on Sunday I went to pick her up. She brought to the car a small bag of goodies from the party and as we were driving home I heard the crinkling of cellophane from the back seat. At that point, the following conversation ensued:
Jami: "What is that I smell? It smells like some kind of berry."

Fireball: "THAT is the smell of fresh candy! I'm telling you, my friend, this is the really good stuff!"

J: "Well, I'm telling YOU not to load up on the junk food, OK?"

[silence broken only by more crinkling noises]

J: "Did you hear what I said?"

FB: "What? Sorry but ... ssssskkkkkc ... breaking ... chchchchsssss ... [lots of crinkling noises] ... say again you're ... kkkkkkkksss ... ing up!"

[more intermittent crinkling noises, interspersed with stifled laughter from both front and back seats, until finally ... ]

FB: "Can you hear me now?"

Pray for me; she's only 7.

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