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07 January 2009

What is it?

Here is a picture of some antique stuff in our house:

All these items kinda go together. Which is why they're all together in my house - DUH! They are all antiques that were once used often in homes. I want to know if anyone can tell me what these things are. I'll give you a hint: the things that look like socks are sock drying forms. They used to be used to keep wool socks from shrinking while drying after being washed. Here's a closeup of the big bundle of sticks on the wall:

I'll be back on Monday to give you the answers. I haven't figured out if there's going to be a prize if someone guesses correctly. You'll just have to take your chances on that. Kind of like Jeopardy crossed with the Lotto.

And as usual, you can click it to big it with either picture ... and to help you all out, I left these two shots really BIG.

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