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27 February 2009


Yes, I'm still here - I know you can't tell from the postings but I haven't slipped into the Abyss.

I'm pissed and even if you don't want to know why, I'm still going to tell you. I have applied for unemployment benefits from the great state of Texas. I've been approved for unemployment benefits. I will get the maximum benefit allowed by law of $392 / week. That's all OK - although I'd like more money. That benefit is doled out in the form of a cash card issued by Chase Bank that was sent to me and is renewed every week by the state. What has me peeved is that the card has a FUCKING SERVICE FEE assessed by the bank every time it's used! I can use it once for free and after that, every time it's used Chase sucks half a buck out of the card's balance. So, Chase Bank - who was one of the "bad" banks that helped to cause the current economic mess - is now not only getting billions of bailout bucks but also bleeding a little off of every unemployment account that they (indirectly) helped bring about. I wonder how many folks at the Texas Workforce Commission got blowjobs from Chase middle management to set up this sweet deal? And of top of everything else, umemployment benefits are subject to federal income tax! Welcome to the recovery!

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