Yes, she's strange and different...but not THAT different.

24 November 2010

Not that kind of person.

Getting in the car today, a lady bug landed on Fireball's hand. She got in the car and announced that she was counting the spots on the bug's back. Because? According to a world-renowned expert on the link between insect pigmentation and fertility (a Doctor Fyrebal, I believe), if a lady bug lands on a young woman before she reaches puberty, the number of spots on said bug is a direct indicator of the number of children said woman will have in the course of her lifetime.  After puberty, I assume.  The count? An even dozen spots.

"Wow. I don't think I want more than like, maybe, two kids."

"Then don't have more than two. Do we need to have that talk again?"

"Please! I know where babies come from.  And how they get there to start with."

"Just checking.  So, let's just think of the dozen kids as an absolute maximum.  How's that?"

"I'm thinking that maybe a fourth of the dozen would be a better maximum."

"Good work with the fractions there.  And yeah, that's probably a better max.  Now how about opening the window and letting the lady bug out?"

I'm trying but it doesn't want to fly off."

"Can you just flick it off?"

"Well, I could.  But I'm not that kind of person."

"What kind of person?"

"You know - the kind of person who just goes around flicking people off.  Unless it's my brother, of course.  Because he deserves to get flicked off for picking on me.  Oh, the lady bug just flew off."

(And yes, she knew exactly what she was saying. )

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