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07 December 2010

All Done - for now

This morning I shook a presiding judge's hand in court. I only shook her hand because hugging and kissing her would not have been ... judgely.  Why did I want to hug her? Because she signed the order officially changing my gender from male to female.  That was the final piece of paper I needed to complete my documentation transition. Because I did this all myself - without an attorney - it's been kind of an arduous journey to get my name and gender officially changed.  But now my driver's license, passport, Social Security card, ATM card, credit card, etc. - my paper identity - match the identity between my ears.  So, this part of my journey is over.  And the rest of the journey lies ahead.

[For those who are reading this and would like to know what to do to change your name and gender identifier - IN TEXAS - stay tuned. I'll be putting up the instructions on how I did it soon.]

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