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14 December 2010

Finish the report

SHIT, it's been really cold lately! OK, not here where I am but most other places. OK, not REALLY cold here but tolerable. Because I HATE the cold!

When I first moved to Connecticut while in the Navy long, long ago, one of the problems I had was with the winter weather forecast there. Coming from the Gulf coast of Texas, the Connecticut winter report always sounded to me like it was getting cut off.

Weather reporter: "The high today will be nine." And in my head, I kept thinking "Nine what? NineTY one? NineTY eight? Where's the rest of the damned number?"

I HATE the cold! I sweat a whole lot better than I shiver. And while cold will make your nipples bigger (until they fall off from frostbite) sweat is Nature's lube. Yes, it is. Stay hot, y'all.

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