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30 January 2006

Talent in Action

In a previous post I mentioned my talent for finding four-leaf clovers. Yesterday I was out in my back yard and found two of them (8 leaves altogether, in case there's any confusion) in just a few minutes, but I gave one to my daughter. However, I still have the other one, and I'd be glad to send it to anyone who asks - first come, first served. (I still think that phrase sounds nicely nasty.) I usually press the clovers in a big stack of books to dry them and then laminate them to keep them from getting messed up, all of which takes about a week or so to finish so the clover won't be immediately forthcoming. And any luck is up to the recipient and is neither guaranteed nor implied by transfer of ownership of said plant material.

Lemme know.

[UPDATE: 02 Feb 2006] The current clover offer has been taken by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. If there are further requests (and judging by the underwhelming response to my initial offer, there won't be many), I'll be happy to go hunt down some more four-leaf clovers and send them on.

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