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09 April 2008

Makin' babies in the back yard

Not me, you perverts - our grapefruit trees. We have two mature standard grapefruit trees in our back yard that have been cranking out ginormous grapefruit for a few years now. (These trees were the ones partially to blame for my broken elbow.) We also have a smaller - not even 6 feet tall - Rio Red grapefruit tree that has not yet produced any fruit. In fact, up until this year it had not even bloomed. Well, this spring all the grapefruit trees bloomed like crazy, including the littler one! Our whole back yard (and we have a back yard that covers about an acre) smelled like citrus blossoms for several weeks. And now look what those trees have done:

RedThis is the smaller red grapefruit tree. See all the little green babies nestled in the fading flowers?

RegThis is one of the larger standard trees. Fewer little ones in this shot but a huge amount of them on the entire tree.

I expect that we won't be picking grapefruit until close to the end of the year. In fact, the bigger trees still have fruit on them (way up high where no one is going to casually pick it) from last year. I hope some of the Rio Red fruit makes it but that tree is probably still a little too young to be having kids.

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