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20 September 2008

She Won!

About a month ago I posted about Diane Schroer's discrimination suit against the Library of Congress. Yesterday, the judge's decision was handed down and Ms. Schroer has won! In the conclusion of his decision, the judge stated
In refusing to hire Diane Schroer because her appearance and background did not comport with the decisionmaker's sex stereotypes about how men and women should act and appear, and in response to Schroer's decision to transition, legally, culturally, and physically, from male to female, the Library of Congress violated Title VII's prohibition on sex discrimination.
CNN has a writeup on the decision here, a more detailed entry by the ACLU can be found here, and if you want ALL the details, the full text of the decision (in PDF format) can be found here.

Congratulations, Diane!

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