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18 December 2008

Little bits poking out of the avalanche

I have not been posting much - in case you haven't noticed. That's because I've been buried by an avalanche of work, both at work and at home. Trying to get all that shit done has just totally devoured my time! But I wanted to let you know that I'm feeling appropriately guilty and will now post some miscellaneous tidbits out of a sense of duty to you all both, dear readers.
The other night it got cold here - like down near freezing. (We won't go into the relative definition of "cold" right now.) When it did, apparently Fireball decided that it would be a good night to sleep in her sleeping bag ... on top of the covers on her bed. So she did. Later, as I was going to bed and went to check on her, I found that she was out of the sleeping bag and curled up in her "I'm cold" sleeping position of a little ball of girl face down with arms and legs tucked tightly underneath. I had to decide to either try and get her back into the sleeping bag now lying on the floor or under the covers of her bed. I opted for the covers. So I picked up the compact heat-conserving ball of girl, put her down on the floor, turned down the bed, picked up the ball of girl off the floor, placed it in the bed and covered it with the sheet, blanket and comforter. At which point the ball miraculously unfolded and rearranged itself into a stretched-out sleeping girl. All without her waking up.
I got to thinking (a dangerous pastime, I know) a while back about whether all the little mobile microclimates we carry around in our cars has any effect on the macroclimate of the world. This is over and above the obvious effect of global warming from the greenhouse gasses. But consider the fact that cars generate heat, both from their engines and from pumping heat out of the inside via the air conditioner. Does having a lot of cars running around raise the average temperature from all that heat? And the A/C in a car also removes moisture from the air inside the car and shoves it outside. Does that have any impact on the relative humidity because we're pumping all that humidity out of all those cars? Maybe I can get a government grant to study these things. Somebody will think it's important to know - right?
I hadn't seen Annie Arachnid in quite a while and was actually starting to feel sad that she might have gone on to that Big Web in the Sky. But yesterday - when it warmed up outside - she put in an appearance. I'm guessing she's been hibernating while it was cold and got up to see if there was a meal to be had when it got warmer. It was probably pretty slim pickings but you never know. After all, this is the Texas Gulf coast: bug capital of the country, even in the wintertime. Although I have no idea about the life span of critters like her, I'm betting she'll make it all the way through her fourth year with us and start on number five, too.
Has anyone ever had any Snow Queen vodka? I ended up with a bottle of it after our office gift exchange day before yesterday. It's in a very pretty bottle packaged in a very nice box with two martini glasses. I'm only hoping that they didn't put all their money into the packaging and saved some of it to put into the distillery. The good news: it's imported. The (possible) bad news: it's imported from Kazakhstan. I'll probably try some during the holidays and I'll let you know.
Coming Attractions: I have a Music Monday post that I meant to put up last Monday but now will hold on to until next Monday. Stay tuned!

  • On 12/18/2008 1:56 PM, Blogger Jen of A2eatwrite said…

    I'm going to be interested to hear about the Kazakh vodka.

    The story about Fireball was very cute. C is way too big for me to do that these days... he's almost a foot taller than me!

  • On 12/18/2008 3:31 PM, Blogger Suzy said…

    While I wasm performing in Macedonia, the 3 comics each got a weirdly shaped bottle of Macedonian wine. It was 26 times better than any wine I'd ever had and I'm half French! We KNOW wine.

  • On 12/19/2008 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Snow Queen Vodka is actually organic wheat! All the celebs drink it and they won the san francisco spirits competition this year which is the end all contest for liquor. It is really smooth you get no burn on your throat.

  • On 12/19/2008 11:18 AM, Blogger Weekends Off said…

    Hi Jami! TGIF!

  • On 12/20/2008 9:37 AM, Blogger konagod said…

    Kazakhstan vodka. Oh I can't wait to hear a report on that. Makes me think of Sacha Cohen!


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