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13 January 2009

What it is

In a previous episode, I asked if you could identify certain antique items that just happen to be in my home. If you missed that post and want to play along, it's still not too late. Just go make your guess now before proceeding.



Answers coming up!!!

Seriously, don't proceed unless you want to know what that stuff is.

OK - even though I didn't make it back with the answers yesterday as promised, I'm back now, so here goes!

You're looking at a turn-of-the-century state-of-the-art washer/dryer combo with optional sock drying forms.

The copper thingy on the right in the picture is a steam washing machine.

It was placed on a stove burner (any type of stove, although I don't see electric listed), water was added and heated,

the laundry to be washed was placed in the perforated drum inside and the lids closed. When the water began to boil, the handle was turned to agitate the laundry and voila! Clean laundry without using any soap! When the washer was removed from the heat and the lid opened, the contents could be removed, allowed to cool, wrung out and then hung on

the indoor collapsible drying rack. Each arm could be manually lifted up and extended and the wet laundry draped over or pinned to them and allowed to dry. All without having to go outside in bad weather.

We also have a double iron set with kerosene-fueled heater (aka. a small tailor's iron) which allows one iron to be heating while the other is in use. (See here if you are unfamiliar with the term "ironing".) All of these things help in motivating us to actually do the wash by imagining how much worse the chore could be.

So, did you get it right? I know at least one person who gets partial credit (Jen).

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